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The Benefits of Buddy Sessions

Why not make training even more fun and motivating by training with a friend through FrankieFit Buddy Training. Sessions will be tailor made to meet your health and fitness goals together.

  • Make training even more fun and motivating by training with a friend

  • Meet your health and fitness goals together

  • Training together means splitting the costs but sharing the benefits of fitness training tailor made to the both of you.

  • Your buddy can be whoever inspires you or whoever you feel would also benefit from a fun, targeted training regime.

Your buddy can be your husband or wife, son or daughter, friend or colleague.

Are you preparing for a special day? Would you like to train with your bride or husband to be? Are you and your friend going to be bridesmaids and want to look your best on the day?

Whatever your focus call FrankieFit to get Buddy Training NOW.

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