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Our success is measured by the happiness of our clients. Here's some of their feedback to us:

“I have been working with a small group of girls doing a Frankie Bootcamp for over a year now, twice a week.  Each session is different and interesting and Frankie keeps us on our toes with a firm hand and humour. She is very knowledgeable and professional and come rain or shine she is there with her equipment and smile, pushing us to work hard and get the most from our sessions.  My fitness level has improved enormously and I love my sessions with the girls.  I couldn’t recommend Frankie highly enough whether you are considering setting up your own bootcamp group as I did or for one on one training.”


— Deborah, Bootcamper

“Finding Frankie has been the best step I’ve taken towards looking after my health and fitness in years. She really knows her stuff and has quickly got me loving my workouts, despite me having had no fitness regime for years. I’m already feeling much stronger and healthier, I have more energy and am more in control of my stress than I have been for a long time. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

- Jude

“Doing Boot Camp with Frankie Fit twice a week is both fun and rewarding, and you feel fantastic at the end of the class!!   She is a great motivator, we always have a laugh and she is incredibly professional.  She is sensitive to any ailments or injuries that you may have and genuinely cares about her clients wellbeing.  She always ensures that the exercises that we do are varied and I have noticed a huge difference in my stamina and strength.  Thank you Frankie, your classes are fab!”  


— Sarah, Bootcamper

“I have been doing twice weekly boot-camps with Frankie for nearly a year now and they have really helped me focus my mind to try and keep fit and stay active.  I feel energised and positive after each class and they have very much become a permanent fixture in my weekly diary.   Frankie keeps the classes varied and fun and ‘come rain or shine’ I  thoroughly enjoy meeting up with my lovely, friendly boot-camp mates and Frankie each week”.


— Harriet, Bootcamper

"I trained with Frankie Fit throughout the second and third trimesters of my pregnancy and I found the sessions to be enjoyable and effective. Frankie has an excellent knowledge of specific ante-natal exercises and was able to tailor an individualised fitness programme to be challenging yet fun.I would thoroughly recommend Frankie Fit sessions during pregnancy and beyond."  


— Melanie, Antenatal

“It’s always good to get up early and get a quality gym session out of the way. It makes one feel virtuous for a short while at least and Frankie is always happy to cater for the early bird and is raring to go at 0630hrs. Whilst this can be a little disconcerting having stumbled out of bed she takes care to warm the budding if aged athlete up carefully and you always know you will get a quality session as Frankie varies the sessions and is without doubt the best spotter and corrector of good form and posture in every exercise; which is so important. A great motivator and  a constantly positive personality Frankie has helped me recover from a poorly lower back by focusing on core and abdominal work and I know that with some determination on my part I can continue to improve strength and conditioning with Frankie’s support in 2012.  Training is fun but also tough so you know why you are there and I think Frankie senses how hard to push you depending on your condition and current state of health. I’d recommend Frankie, she has a good technical knowledge base, a sense of what the individual wants to and can achieve and is overall a great personal trainer; importantly with a sense of humour! Sign up now.”


— Steve

“I have always understood the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, but knowing and doing can be tough to achieve! I started working out at home because I had become bored of the gym and no longer felt motivated. It was an effort to get there, then I would spend time chatting and drinking coffee and not working out. Having a personal trainer at home means I make the best use of my time and obtain maximum results in my workout. It is the only way to get in real shape and stay that way!”  


— Margaret

“Not having used the services of a Personal Trainer before I was a little unsure what to expect. From the first meeting with Frankie I was convinced that she would be able to help me improve my general level of fitness and diet. Frankie does everything with a great sense of humour and plans every session to make sure your interest is kept whilst making sure you work to the optimum level for where you are currently at. Frankie is great at motivating you to keep on and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending people to her. She is the only option (in my opinion) for no-nonsense discrete personal training in Surrey.” 


— Chris

“ amazing. I've had several trainers but NONE as thoughtful, conscientous and caring as Frankie. Training with Frankie improved my fitness, my stamina, my strength and most of all my state of mind. Great job Frankie.”


 — Dizzy

"I began to realise with 40 coming rapidly towards me, that I needed and wanted to get fit again after years of slouching over a laptop and spending most of my time in offices and airport terminals. The hardest part was getting going and feeling motivated to make the change, but Frankie helped me devise a programme which fitted my lifestyle and I am now much more aware of my fitness and nutrition. Although it is hard keeping to my goals, Frankie has kept me motivated and I have started doing the activities again which I enjoyed when I was younger such as cycling and mountaineering. By writing a personal programme for me and helping me keep track of it, I am feeling energised and want to get even fitter and maybe even do that marathon next year that I always promised myself!" 


— John

“I am 58 and until the age of 50 had been happy with my size (12) and level of fitness. During the following 8 years my dog died, children left home - I did not get as much exercise, I became overweight, unfit and 2 sizes larger.

Little did I know when I was given a voucher for some personal fitness training with Frankie that I was going to have a life changing experience!

I was sure that we did not need to talk about diet, but by talking about it, it was clear I could do better! Then the action started! I have not weighed myself, I do not 'do' scales but I can feel my muscles toning up after only 6 sessions with Frankie. I am now exercising daily and to my surprise, I am enjoying it. We are about to start a building project at home so I will have to have a break from Frankie's training, but she has given me a personal fitness programme to follow and we will have a freshener in July. I will definitely begin again when the building is complete - I can't recommend it enough - truly life changing!” 


— Monique, 58

"Frankie is a great trainer. She pushes you, has a sense of humour and gets results" 


— Janie

"Frankie's Keep Fit Class is just what Thursley needed - a fun, no non-sense (no Lycra or loud music!) work-out for all ages and abilities with individual attention and lots of good health advice thrown in. I find Frankie reaches those parts not reached by a busy, active life!"  


— Nicki, KeepFit Class, Thursley

“What a superb workout you give us.  All done under your strict supervisory eye and sensitively tailored for all ages. I took your advice after our last class, took a hot shower when I got home and had no "DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness" then or in the days following the exercises.  I felt great!!! Here's looking forward to our fitness workouts in the new year.”  


— Dene, KeepFit Class, Thursley

"I can't emphasise enough what a difference Frankie has made to my life! Two children in two years had left me with a very weak back, poor muscle tone and post-baby weight. I was a (larger) shadow of my former, slim, pre-baby self. Frankie was a surprise 'present' from my mother, and I have to say that before I met Frankie and our sessions started, I wasn’t exactly excited at the prospect.  I have never enjoyed exercise, seeing it more as a chore to be endured – and avoided if possible.

Well, how things have changed!  In just five weeks, I lost ¾ of a stone (effortlessly) and toned up noticeably (dropping two dress sizes), my energy levels increased and my body felt like it was working properly – all my limbs and muscles seemed co-ordinated through being used properly.  I received many comments on how well I looked, and I felt it.  However, the best result was the revelation that exercise could be fun and enjoyable.  I looked forward to my sessions with Frankie – her infectious enthusiasm and sense of humour meant that the sessions felt like a treat.  My mother’s investment in my health was the best gift she could have given me, and now Frankie is the only item on my birthday and Christmas wish list!"


— Rosanna, mother of 2

“Frankie is a fantastic trainer. She has built up my strength and flexibility in a way that has meant no injuries! I hate exercise but Frankie makes it fun and gets results." 


— Teresa

"Eighteen months ago I was a 64 year old woman and so unfit that I was breathless just walking at speed or climbing a flight of stairs. Frankie has worked with me so that now I am much stronger, capable of doing more of an increased workout without getting exhausted and my core strength and fitness have improved hugely." 


— Maureen, Liss

"10 weeks of training, nutritional changes and positive mindsetting – can't thank my lovely trainer enough @FrankieFit #transform#3 stone gone?"  


— Haslemere client

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