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Welcome to the PowerNotPause Approach - The PowerNotPause Toolkit is our holistic coaching system devised for peri-menopausal and menopausal clients drawing on our 20 years of experience and the latest research. The impact hormonal changes have on our life can be massively eased with a holistic approach. We focus on looking at a personalised plan because every woman’s experience is different. 
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How We Can Help?

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Empowering Attitudes

This time in a women's life can be transformational. It can bring a transition to a new phase where opportunities can be realised both new and old. With age really does come wisdom, gut instinct and the ability to have a glorious sense of self. Its all in your grasp and PowerNotPause will arm you with the tools and support to feel how you have longed to.


PowerNotPause Toolkit

As we move transition through peri-menopause our changes in hormones effect everything from our sleep patterns, nutrition requirements and gut health, our musco-skeletal system, stress levels, memory, brain function to our overall feeling of well-being. Symptoms can be anything from insomnia to the shakes, night sweats to weight gain, brain fog to anxiety and much more. Our HOLISTIC approach sees us work through a step by step process assessing your symtons and history, information you have or need to request such as hormone levels, lifestyle patterns, moving onto where relevant for you what supplements and medical hormonal interventions may suit you.

Frankie Fit Nourish Not Punish

Flex for Success

We will work closely together through this time. Your feedback with tracking of symptoms and any results obtained from a medical professional will enable you to bend and flex where appropriate. This will give you the ability to take steps, assess to see how things are as the dust settles to see if further steps are needed at that point or you reach a stage where for a period of time your management protocols can remain static and we touch base at a planned upcoming interval or sooner if anytime things change. 

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