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Ante Natal

A good physical condition prior to pregnancy is important and will enhance a mother’s ability to lead an active lifestyle throughout her 3 trimesters. Throughout the various stages of pregnancy amendments will be made to exercises to insure the best support and comfort for your training for yourself and your little one. You will have a fun, relaxed, informative training session tailored to you and your needs on the day. We will combine light cardio exercise with work on core, posture and overall muscle tone. Posture and core being of massive importance during and after pregnancy. Sessions will be taken at your own pace with an emphasis on ‘feeling good’! The notion that “Mum knows best” is something I like to follow during ante natal and post natal classes. There will be some days where you are full of energy and ready for a fitness session and others where you feel more sapped. We work with what we have on the day and alter sessions accordingly.

The benefits of exercising during pregnancy with FrankieFit include:

  • Better circulation. Mother and baby’s circulation are inter-related through the placenta so anything affecting the mother’s circulation can affect the baby

  • Less backache, improved posture and reduction of pregnancy symptoms: constipation, varicose veins and leg cramps

  • A faster post natal recovery

  • Control of excess weight gain and enhanced psychological well-being

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Enhanced self-image and confidence

  • Increased body awareness

  • Some effect on mother’s ability to cope with labour and child birth as well as faster post natal recovery

  • A beneficial effect on the course of labour

  • There are matters of consideration which will covered during FrankieFit training being mindful of not over stretching due to a hormone known as relaxing being released during and post pregnancy, watching the movement of the hips, maintaining good posture, working with pelvic floor and core muscles to maintain integrity from within.

Most of all this class is about maintaining fitness, building on knowledge and strengthening posture for pregnancy and beyond AND HAVING FUN!

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