Personal Training

When can you come back to exercise?

When coming back to exercise following the childbirth there are some important factors to consider. First of all please make sure you have had your 6 week post natal check up. Mothers who have experienced delivery by caesarean section should delay this further to approximately 8-12 weeks.

What can you do in the meantime to prepare your body for exercise?

  • When safe to do so daily walks are encouraged. Aim to increase the pace and length of the walk gradually over the 6-8 week period. Attention to posture and the height of the pram handle are vitally important.
  • Static contractions are the most effective and safest exercise which can be performed almost immediately following childbirth. These are performed when trying to pull the tummy in as much and as often as possible.
  • Pelvic floor work can be carried out by making simple contractions of your pelvic floor muscles. Taking time to gain control of these muscles soon after birth will be beneficial. These exercises can be carried out at anytime for short set of say 5 reps to begin with holding each rep for a short period of time to begin with. Why not get into a routine at do the exercises every time you change a nappy? Or if that’s too much to begin with before an evening feed?

Some of the benefits of Post Natal Fitness with FrankieFit

  • Enhance self confidence.
  • Weight loss. Though this is more of a long term aim and should not be a major consideration during the immediate post natal period.
  • Re-tone pelvic floor to regain control of bladder
  • Re-tone abdominal muscles to increase strength and enable them to support the spine and regain figure
  • Develop better posture/ regain good posture in basic daily tasks, essential in back care

What will a Post Natal Fitness Session involve?

Sessions are tailored to you as an individual and will take into account your fitness prior to and during pregnancy, your labour, any complications, the health of your baby and achieving your goals be it improved fitness, weight loss, confidence and more.

The sessions are fun, relaxed and informative combining cardiovascular exercise with work on core, posture and overall muscle tone. Sessions will be taken at your own pace with an emphasis on ‘feeling good’.

Return to exercise post pregnancy should be gradual and at your own pace. It is vital to allow your body adequate time to rest and recuperate. A simple rule to follow both ante and post natal is ‘Mum knows best’!