Personal Training in Surrey


At FrankieFit we are focused on helping you achieve your goals and tailor all training and knowledge provided to you the individual. We work in a holistic way taking into account not just your fitness level and goals but also your lifestyle as a whole.

After all, that’s what shapes us – our everyday lives, habits and routines. We take into account your family life, work, nutrition currently and help you find a realistic way of making changes to give you the energy and results you want, plus looking at your stress levels and sleep patterns.

We want what you want – yes, a fitter and healthier YOU but also a HAPPIER one!

"10 weeks of training, nutritional changes and positive mindsetting – can't thank my lovely trainer enough @FrankieFit #transform#3 stone gone?"  — Haslemere client

"Eighteen months ago I was a 64 year old woman and so unfit that I was breathless just walking at speed or climbing a flight of stairs. Frankie has worked with me so that now I am much stronger, capable of doing more of an increased workout without getting exhausted and my core strength and fitness have improved hugely." 
— Maureen, Liss