Are you amongst a group of friends or work colleagues not happy with your weight?

Do you often end up chatting about it but aren’t sure what to do? Maybe you have all tried a number of the usual suspects in terms of slimming clubs? This could be just the ticket for you and your friends!

These clubs have been run by FrankieFit with great success. We get together once a week and combine a warm atmosphere with a brief nutritional chat, keepfit class and a weigh in to keep a track of your progress. Over the course of your Club meetings your knowledge on how to lose weight and keep it off will evolve.

The meeting will be split into 3 elements:

Nutritional chat
No quick fixes just a back to basics look at healthy eating and looking at the fun and simple ways you can regain motivation and lose weight. Before long you will know what to eat, what to go easy on and more importantly you’ll now understand exactly why. The increased depth of knowledge will enable you to control your healthy eating far more effectively.

KeepFit Class
A combination of cardiovascular and toning exercises will be mixed up to create an energising class suitable for all levels.  Each week the exercises will be slightly different to keep members on their toes and their bodies working hard. A combination of boxercise, circuits, resistance training and much more will be used to give you a workout where you’ll leave feeling proud, fatigued but highly motivated.

Weigh In
Does what it says on the tin and no more! A weekly check of your progress to keep you motivated and on top of your game!