We are commonly asked to organise bootcamps for a set group of school mothers who host a weekly or twice weekly bootcamp during term time at a hosts home – and as its bootcamp the garden suits us. Though wet weather areas like carports or barns are good just in case the heavens open!

Our outdoor Bootcamp sessions are a great way to improve strength, fitness and muscle tone – fast. Boost your metabolism, burn fat and lose weight with a series of challenging exercises, working as part of a team.

The good news for you being that throughout the day you will be burning more calories – even when you’re not exercising. Our classes are ideal for people wanting to get focused about their training and can bring you both improved fitness levels and weight loss through the burning of fat whilst maintain and building your lean muscle.

Another fundamental element of bootcamp is teamwork and a spirit of fun that goes hand in hand with that. The classes are incredibly sociable and you will have so much fun you will forget that you’re actually working hard! The classes wil build an element of group support and cohesion in order to carry out the exercises. You will see fast results in a supportive and highly motivated environment with like-minded people.

"Doing Boot Camp with Frankie Fit twice a week is both fun and rewarding, and you feel fantastic at the end of the class!!   She is a great motivator, we always have a laugh and she is incredibly professional. She is sensitive to any ailments or injuries that you may have and genuinely cares about her clients wellbeing.  She always ensures that the exercises that we do are varied and I have noticed a huge difference in my stamina and strength.  Thank you Frankie, your classes are fab!” — Sarah, Bootcamper

"I have been doing twice weekly boot-camps with Frankie for nearly a year now and they have really helped me focus my mind to try and keep fit and stay active.  I feel energised and positive after each class and they have very much become a permanent fixture in my weekly diary.   Frankie keeps the classes varied and fun and ‘come rain or shine’ I thoroughly enjoy meeting up with my lovely, friendly boot-camp mates and Frankie each week”.
— Harriet, Bootcamper