Group Classes

Have you made a great set of friends at NCT or Hypnobirthing? Have you all been chatting about wanting to maintain your fitness during pregnancy but want to do more than yoga without overdoing it? Ante Natal Fitness with FrankieFit could be ideal.

We welcome friends in their second and third trimesters. There is an array of benefits to taking part in regular exercise during pregnancy. Throughout the various stages of pregnancy amendments will be made to exercises to insure the best support and comfort for your training for yourself and your little one. Advantages of ante natal exercise include a sense of well being, improved sleep patterns, less backache with improved posture, better circulation, improved stamina for labour and faster post natal recover to name a few.

Led by FrankieFit an Advanced Pre and Post Natal Trainer you will have a fun, relaxed, informative fitness class combining light cardio exercise with work on core, posture and overall muscle tone. Posture and core being of massive importance during and after pregnancy. Sessions will be taken at your own pace with an emphasis on ‘feeling good’ and options will be given for all stages of pregnancy to insure that all are welcome.

"I trained with Frankie Fit throughout the second and third trimesters of my pregnancy and I found the sessions to be enjoyable and effective. Frankie has an excellent knowledge of specific ante-natal exercises and was able to tailor an individualised fitness programme to be challenging yet fun.I would thoroughly recommend Frankie Fit sessions during pregnancy and beyond." Melanie, Antenatal